Why You Should be Using Interactive Videos

Interactive Video - traffic sign showing one pointing left which says go left and another pointing right which says go right and a hand pointing and selecting go left.

An interactive video is a form of media that allows the user to engage directly through the video. So, how does this differ from the standard linear video? Once you’ve clicked play on a linear video, you can pause, rewind, fast forward or replay. An interactive video includes a wide range of new functions. Some of these include the ability for the user to make a decision using buttons, scroll to look from different angles, quizzes, form fills, switch videos and much more.

Here are a few examples of interactive videos:

Honda – The Other Side

To interact with this video, press and hold the ‘R’ key to change the view. The video follows a man in two alternate realities. The first is he is a father carpooling in his family car. The other, he is a getaway driver for art burglars.

Src - Wirewax

Dulux – Tap Any Colour

Ever saw something on a video or tv that you have wanted, but don’t know what it is? Dulux have created an interactive video, which allows you to click on any colour throughout the video to get more information. They have even given some handy tips on how to create certain design effects.

Src - Wirewax

Why Use an Interactive Video?

Many big companies are already utilising this capability, meaning it is becoming well-established. This has also caused interactive video software companies to become more competitive with their pricing, which is making it more affordable for smaller businesses to take advantage.

Other reasons include:

More Engaging Video – Better User Experience

The improved engagement this generates is resulting in an increased viewing time of 44% more than standard linear video. This has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of interactive video being created. 24% of video marketers have stated they plan on using interactive videos in 2019.

Educate and Engage

Another way these videos can be used is by educating the user about your product or service and they can choose what they want to learn about next.

How Successful is Your Video

With a linear video, the way they were tracked is by view rates and retention rates. This raises a problem as it does not directly prove the success of the video. The video may have been watched, but did it convert somebody.

Interactive videos resolve this as every click or action in a video is trackable. You can track the journey of users in campaigns that branch into multiple options. Other trackable options include form fills within the video, add to carts, what else they do on the website afterwards and more.

It’s More Memorable

The fact that the user can interact with the video makes it more memorable. But remember, as it becomes more common, its effectiveness will diminish as with all new marketing techniques. At this point, its still evolving, so now is a good time to get started.

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It Converts

Statistical data from MarketingProfs shows that interactive videos convert at more than 11%. This is significantly greater than other common digital video ads, which convert at less than 1%.


Interactive videos are becoming ever more popular because companies are having greater success with their use. Even Netflix have started to host them with Black Mirror releasing an interactive movie. This type of film is in its infancy and if it catches on, it will evolve. If you’re using video at all, you should be utilising the power of interactive videos or you could be missing out.

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