Types of Videos You Can Use for Your Local Business

Video Types

According to Brain Shark, video is 50 times more likely to rank organically in Google than text.

The purpose of a video is to offer great content that pushes the viewer down the marketing funnel to the next step.

If a picture paints 1000 words, imagine what a video can do.

There are many ways to use video to market your local business, I have listed some ideas to get you started below:


Brand Films

Brand films are used to acquaint your audience with your values, visions and ultimately the core of your brand. You can get your brand across using visuals, sounds and storytelling in a way that would be impossible through any other medium.

Animated Videos

Animated videos have many versions from characters to stop motion. This can show off your brand’s creativity and give that a ‘wow factor’.


Text Video

Also known as kinetic text videos, they are used to give an entertaining factor to text. The text flies around the screen shifting the viewers’ attention constantly.


Photo Slide Video

This is exactly what it says on the tin. You can showcase your product using this type of video. This is a good way to utilise video without requiring much knowledge of software. Facebook have a feature in their Ads section to create a video using photos.


Educational Video

Educating your audience is the perfect example of how video can improve the experience the viewer has over text. We all want to learn something, but sometimes we don’t have the time to read a 20-page book to learn, but we’ll watch a quick 5-minute video on the subject.

Explainer/Tutorial Videos

Many companies use this type of video as it captures the ‘how-to’ and ‘hack’ queries in search results.

It tells the viewer how to do something more efficiently and proves you are an expert on the subject. 

360 Degrees

This video type is designed to immerse viewers in the story of the video. The viewer can use a virtual reality headset to look around whilst the video is playing to make the immersive experience even greater.

Imagine filming an event in 360 degrees for your audience to allow them to feel like they are there without them leaving the comfort of their own home.

Here is a 360 degrees video in action

*NOTE: Prepare a sick bag for this one.

Company Culture Video

These types of videos bring a human side to the business machine and lets your viewers see your personality. You can use videos of office life (team-building, pranks, birthdays, events and anything you think will entertain your audience).


A great way to earn trust is to get your raving fans to explain why the viewer should use your services/product.

You can record them at events, tradeshows or where you have the release of your latest project.

Public Service Announcements

Designed to inform somebody using emotion. This can be heart-warming or shock factor. Below are two examples, one gives a ‘tug on the heart strings’ while the other is an ‘oh my goodness’ moment.

FAQ Videos

If you find yourself getting asked the same questions over and over again, it can take a lot of time answering them. An FAQ video can help you to lower questions you receive and do it in an entertaining way.

Interactive Videos

An interactive video allows you to give your viewers the option to decide what they want to watch. You can use this informatively or for entertainment.

The link below will take you to a video created by Warner Brothers to promote a new movie, where they used interactivity in an entertaining way. The other link will take you to an educational video from Maybelline New York.

Warner Brothers Interactive Video

Maybeline New York Interactive Video

Personalised Video

If a video could talk to you directly, would you be more engaged? In this new technological age, this has now become possible, videos can include your viewers name and even be said by the narrator.

Thank You Videos

Video marketing is effective even after your lead has made their way through the whole marketing funnel.

At this unexpected stage, your audience might doubly appreciate your attention.

So, your mind may currently be swimming with all the possible videos you could create for your local business. But how do you decide which one is right for you?

Which one you create will depend upon the platform it will be placed and the goal you’re trying to achieve (for example, brand awareness or conversion).

For more information on the right video for your local business, speak to one of our video marketing experts, either fill out our contact form or call us on 01424 868001 today.

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