Reasons to Use Google Ads to Market Your Business

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) put simply is a pay-per-click advertising service which allows you to create and run ads for your business on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and websites which allow ads on their site within the display network including YouTube and Gmail.

It can work for all kinds of businesses, however, requires time and money. But, don’t be perturbed by this because, making that investment can really pay off and below we’ve listed 8 reasons why.


You Only Pay for Results, There’s No Minimum Spend & You Control Budgets

Google Ads offers a pay-per-result based model – whether that’s impressions, clicks, etc. This means, you only pay when an ad achieves one of the results you set. Therefore, whether your ad is clicked (in the case of Pay-Per-Click) or not, your audience will still see your ad you just won’t pay, that’s right I said, “It’s Free!”. Which is beneficial for getting your name in front of people and raising awareness for your product / service. After all, even if you have the best product in the world, if no one knows about it, how can they purchase it.

Worried that clicks will be extortionate with all the free views you’re receiving. Don’t, you are in control of your budget and there is no minimum spend. So, you can set a daily budget of as little as £1 or if you work on a monthly budget simply, divide it by 30.4 (which will provide your daily budget). Please be aware by setting your budget low, you may achieve very limited results.


Google Ads is Measurable

Traditional marketing channels like print, TV or radio can be difficult to measure. Even SEO can be hard to find out what contributed to the increase or decrease in your ranking. Google Ads offers you many metrics which allow you to dive in on a granular level. So, you can really see what’s working and what not.


Google Ads is Flexible

Whether you want to pause your campaigns while you make changes to your website or you want to increase your budget. You can do that – Google Ads is completely flexible.

Not only can you make changes instantly, but Google Ads offers you tailored solutions to suit your business. Whether you only open in the early hours of the morning, want to drive people offline and into your store or simply just have a demographic or gender you want to target, Google Ads allows you to do this.


See Results Faster & Easier than SEO

A drawback to SEO is it can take months before you see results – you must consistently work on optimization and building links. Competition for placements can also be fierce therefore, it takes time to ‘prove yourself’ and earn authority within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). However, with Google Ads you can reach the top of the page as soon as your ad goes live (if you build your campaign correctly – there are best practices you must follow). Because of its speed it’s much quicker to work out what it is working, and where to put your money.


It’s Not Obvious Your Ads are Ads

A 2015 study, by Ofcom found that half of adults and about 70% of teenagers didn’t recognize Google ads. This could be because ad labelling has become much less obvious over time. For example: In 2000 the ads had a shaded background, in 2014 the shading was removed, and a yellow label was placed next to the ad’s URL and now in 2017 the yellow label has been changed again to the same green colour as the link.


Quality is Key & Users Know It

Google focuses on the end user’s experience – therefore quality adverts and keywords / ad relevance to your landing pages is key. You won’t take the top position by putting an ad up for cat food and linking to a fish food landing page. Yes, you can bid higher to try and take a higher position, but, if you do get there it will just cost you a fortune (bringing the problem – Google Ads is expensive back into your mind) where with some simple teaks you could take that same position for a much cheaper price.

It may seem like more work, however, thanks to Google’s stringent quality control system users have become happy to click ads, which take top positions, as they know they will be sent to a relevant, high quality landing page which gives them what they want.


Google Ads Works With Other Marketing Channels

Google Ads complements other marketing channels. For example, Google Ads remarketing can target people who have shown an interest in your business. Whether they have come from social media or an email blast to your website or went straight to your site and viewed a page. Google Ads can track and then send an ad to them, which follows them around the internet. Keeping you on their mind.


Your Competitors Are Using Google Ads

Have you ever looked at the organic listings for your name or a keyword you’re targeting and seen an ad from your competitor at the very top… enough said?


Let Us Guide You – So You Get the Most Out of Google Ads

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