Promoting Your Local Business on Instagram

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While you may think Instagram is only for national or international businesses with a few cute cats mixed in, you're wrong. With over 800 million monthly active users* Instagram can be a great place for Local Businesses to promote their products or services.

And to help you do just that, in this article I’m going to share how to set-up your business Instagram account and tailor your content to capture leads within your local area.

So, let’s get started.

How to Set-Up Your Business Instagram Account:

To do this you will need to set-up a standard Instagram profile. From there this step-by-step video guide will show you how to switch to a business account.

Filling in Your Instagram Business Account Information:

Make sure to fill in the following information:

1. Add Your Business’s Logo – This needs to be 180 x 180 pixels

2. Add Your Website URL

3. Add a Bio – This is a short snippet (150 characters maximum) which tells the viewer about your business. When writing your bio make sure to include your business’s location.

For example: ‘We are a results driven, full service digital marketing agency based in Bexhill with a dynamic group of individuals with a wide cross section of skills.’

4. Add Your Business Category – Are you a hairdresser, a plumber, a kitchen fitter.

5. Fill in Your Contact Options – You can fill in a combination or all of the following

a. Email Address – This can be a different email from the one you use to login into your account. Use one which you are happy to display to the world. For example:

b. Physical Address

c. Telephone Number

Instagram Content Ideas

1. Post Product Photos

2. Post Videos of Your Products or Services in Action – Whether the videos are demos of you or a staff member using the product, showing users how to use a new software or simply unboxing the latest phones your store has in stock.

3. Run a Contest

4. Post Images of Every Day Events – Is the whole team going out for a celebration, is there cake in the office or did someone simply bring their cute dog to work. Make your business more human and allow viewers to get to know you by showing snippets of a working day.

5. Post Images of Your Location – Is there a beautiful sunset over Hastings Pier or perhaps it’s snowing in Scotland, share images of your location for your viewers to see.

6. Go with the Trends – Are other businesses posting about Christmas, Halloween or even Easter. Do the same, whether it’s wishing people a great time over the festive season or an image of an Easter Egg you were given by a client.

Getting Your New Content to Reach the Right People

1. Participate – Make sure to follow other local businesses and people within your area. Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to like (❤️) their content and comment where appropriate.

2. Repost Local Content – While Instagram doesn’t offer this feature, there are lots of apps on the Android and Apple App Stores which allow you to do this.

3. Include Local Hashtags – As well as the more generic hashtags include some location-based ones. For example, here’s our standard lists of hashtags we use in our posts:

#business #businesses #smallbusiness #smallbiz #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #solopreneur #businessowner #businessadvice #marketing #marketer #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing #festivemarketing #christmasmarketing #christmasmarketingcampaign #socialmedia #facebook #twitter #instagram #pinterest #linkedin #contentcreation #content #contentmarketing #contentmarketer #agency #agencylife #digitalagency #bexhill #hastings #rye #battle #eastbourne #brighton

4. Geotag Your Posts – Make sure to add the location of where the photo was taken to your posts. If you have custom created graphics (like we do) simply add your business’s location as the tag. For example: Ours is Bexhill.

Let’s Get Connected

If you’ve just started or have picked up your Instagram account for the first time in ages. Let’s connect. Click the Instagram icon below and click follow.

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