Google Partners – What Are They & Why Should You Care

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Have you looked at a digital marketing agency’s website and seen that they are proudly displaying a Google Partner badge on the front page (much like ourselves.) Instead of thinking they're just showing off, which sometimes they are - you should think about how much work they have put in to be awarded this. Afterall these badges are not handed out to just anyone!

How Do You Achieve a Google Partner Status?

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While a company must sign up to the programme and create a profile. The process really starts with individual employee training. From there they must demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and skill of the platform by passing both a fundamental exam and one exam relating to a particular field of Google Ads (Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video) - at Talkativeonline we currently hold 4 of the 5 specialised exams certifications as well as the fundamental certification.

From then you must meet a 90-day ad spending requirement of USD 10,000 (roughly £7566) across your managed accounts to show that your company has a healthy amount of activity.

Finally, you must demonstrate that you follow Google’s best practises by meeting performance requirements by delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth. You must also, continue to maintain and grow your customer base.

Can You Specialise?

While there are 5 fields to study you can specialise – you don’t have to complete all 5 and can simply do the fundamentals exam and one of the following exams: Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video.

While these can help achieve your overall partner badge if you meet a specific criterion for each specialisation (spend, performance, passing the exam) you will have a drop-down added to your partner badge which displays the icon and title of that specialisation.

For example: While we have passed the Search, Display, Mobile and Shopping exams we hold specialisations in only Search and Mobile.

Once You’ve Achieved Partner Status, Is It Yours Forever?

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No… to keep you company’s partner badge you must continue to maintain performance requirements and spend goals and retake exams yearly.

If you fail to maintain the above criteria you can no longer use your partner badge and will lose your benefits.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Agency?


  • They Are Experts - Investing money in PPC means you want results. A company that is a Google Partner knows how to do this. They have experience with Google Ad and have staff that are highly trained.


  • Google Partners Have Access to Beta Features - This means you will have a leg up on the competition due to the extra experimental features we get access to. This could be up to a year before the general public.


  • Agencies Have a Dedicated Team – Being a Google Partner agency means you have a direct line to a Google Ads specialist, whether you’re concerned about the spend of your campaign, want to discuss adding a new campaign or just want this month’s results, they’re there to answer your questions.


  • Agencies Work Directly with Google - It can be difficult for businesses to build a direct connection with Google, especially as there are thousands of businesses in the same position as you who want their time. Google provides partners with their own team member, so they always have someone to contact.


  • Rewards & Offers – Partners have rewards and promotions which they can offer directly to their clients. For example, get x amount of free ad credit when you spend x.
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Talkativeonline – Your Google Partner Agency

If you're looking to advertise with Google you want someone who goes beyond the platform.


It’s Not Just About the Ad


A Google ad is very deceptive because it only consists of a few lines but who, where and what keywords and phrases you target along with campaign types, devices, times of day, targeting across devices and much more all add layers of sophistication that are needed when optimising the ad spend for maximum results.

Add to this the degree of tracking, analysing, re-marketing and what you need to do to the webpage to reduce your click cost and the knowledge and experience needed to make this work effectively and you can start to see why it takes a considerable amount of time and commitment to acquire and maintain a Google Partner badge.


Google Updates


Like all software today Google is constantly updating so you not only have to learn the update but learn how it impacts your ability to generate results. Combined with other changes, such as ‘Google My Business’ in the local sector and the level of learning is that is required just keeps increasing.


Big Data and Google


Google knows – period! The scale of the data that Google and the other big players have is too large to comprehend. This data constantly feeds new ideas for change and the more you use the Google tools such as analytics the more opportunity comes your way.


Your Google Partner:


As a Google Partner you must stay on top of all these changes and updates while keeping the results coming. This takes constant monitoring – there’s no set it and forget it.

To make Google Ads work you need to look at the whole journey or digital sales process. How good your journey can be partly indicated by your ad quality score, which is another aspect of Google ads that needs to be understood.


Look for the Badge

Here’s an example of a Google Partner Badge with specialisations – look below!

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