Express Yourself in 280 Characters

At long last Twitter has given us more space to breathe and speak by extending our tweets from 140 characters to 280!

Cram it in

Trying to cram everything you want to say into a Tweet can be quite challenging and very frustrating – we’ve all been there.

Twitter is all about brevity and is a great way of communicating about something you have seen, heard or experienced briefly to others that either share your interest or would be interested in what you have experienced.


Easier to Say What You Want to Say

Now we can feel more confident and express our thoughts without worrying about fitting everything in. If you’re anything like me, a talkative person, I love to give people a clear picture in what I am talking about and I found it quite challenging at times trying to get a clear and precise message across without going back and forth editing the tweet to fit the limit of 140 characters.

Social media, like the telephone, has had a major impact on the way we communicate and Twitter has been a part of that evolution. Its ability to nurture relationships, start conversations and promote content means its use won’t stop anytime soon.

Like all social media channels, Twitter is a constantly evolving platform and although I welcome the increase to 280 characters as a user, I wonder what impact it will have on the actual usability.


Concern About 280 Characters

I’ve listed some benefits of having 280 characters, but one concern is that we could lose one of the key benefits – short meant extremely concise and meant you could read / view a lot of content very quickly.

But if the Tweets are that much longer, will it mean you have to spend longer reading Tweets, will it mean reduced engagement, because the process is slower?





280 Will Win

Overall, I expect this to become normal very quickly and any suggestion from people to go back will be met with resistance from the many who now like the ability to say more, more effectively.

Only time and stats will tell.


It Won’t Take Long to Get Used to 280 Characters!

If you’re still thinking 140 when planning your Tweets, the new 280 limit makes it easier than it’s ever been, but what’ll happen as we get used to 280 and start thinking I just need a few more characters?

Some Benefits to the New 280 Limit

So, the question is, what are the benefits of the increase?

Here are 5 benefits to the new Twitter 280 Character Update

  • More Room to TweetThe most obvious benefit is having twice the amount of characters which allows twice as much information to be shared in a single Tweet.  More words, links, hashtags and emojis. This could reduce the total number of Tweets and hopefully mean fewer multi-Tweet messages cluttering up timelines
  • More Opportunities to Increase Reach with Hashtags & Visual ContentTweets with extra hashtags and visual content create higher engagement than those without –I always like to include at least three hashtags and images with most of my tweets.
  • Increased Social EngagementAccording to Twitter, those who tested the 280 count not only tweeted more often, they increased engagement (Likes, Retweets, @mentions) and earned more followers.
  • Clarity & TransparencyWith the additional characters that are now available, communication should become easier to understand. Thoughts and questions will be easier to share instead of using acronyms which could lose your audience.
  • Marketing Teams Saving TimeAccording to the company users, in the Twitter test group, they spent less time composing on the platform.  With the longer format and the less restrictive count meant they spent less time tweaking and editing content.

What’s your take on 280 characters? Will your company consider a different approach to communicating because of the change? Tweet me, I’d love to know.

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