Digital Marketing for Solicitors

Digital Marketing for Solicitors

Who wants to read about Solicitors and what they do? Other Solicitors? Your customers – probably not, so how do you promote your services online?

Why Choose You?

Most people have minimal contact with Solicitors, but what do they do when that fateful day arises? Why would they choose you? Either recommendation, they know you or researching online, but how do you get a person on your database where you can stay in touch, build trust, until the ‘fateful day’ arrives and they need your services and you’re the only Solicitor they speak to?

Understand Your Customer and Win

As with all digital marketing its about understanding your customer and seeing from their perspective.

Of course, this is easy to say, but not so easy to do – why – because you’re busy working being a solicitor, where your understanding of people has to be from the viewpoint of getting your client the result they want and not understanding what day to day problems they face – such as what car to buy or where to go on holiday.

How to Build a Pool of Readymade Potential Clients

Let’s take the area of commercial and name something they have in common.

  • They have customers
  • They must be GDPR compliant


GDPR is a hot topic and gets a lot of traction at present because there are various grey areas and uncertainties. Also, people won’t sit and read large sections of text to educate themselves, so seminars on GDPR have become popular.

Solicitors, GDPR and building a Database

A Single Article Becomes the Start and Finish

A good article will generate interest if you drive traffic to your blog.

BUT, they come to the website, read your article and leave, so you end up with a moment of brand awareness, which is usually lost within 5 mins after they leave the page.

Understanding Your Customer, the Next Level

So, you need to think beyond GDPR and determine what would someone need who has a business which relates to GDPR.

Most business have a website and each website will have a privacy policy, but most businesses do not have an up to date privacy policy. One of the most common problems we run into, is out of date privacy policies on websites.

Most websites need a privacy policy update, but where to go.

GDPR – Blog Page Offer

On the blog page make an offer for website privacy policies and sell them at cost prices – what? you mean make no money on them?? Yes exactly. You’re not looking to lose money, but don’t look at it as a money maker – long term it’s short sighted.

Building a Database

Digital Marketing, as with all marketing, never was free (it always required someone’s time), so we all need to find a way of bringing down our marketing costs and email marketing is a great way of doing this.

Once these people have purchased from you, they are now on your database and if you’ve done it right, you can now stay in touch through email and when the ‘fateful day’ arrives – you’re their number one choice.

Reduced Marketing Spend

Marketing is about understanding people, whether we like it or not and the better we understand and the better we are at building an ongoing relationship the better the return you’ll see on your marketing spend.

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