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Digital Sales Pipeline Checklist

Find the leaks in your digital marketing

Quick and Simple to Use

This simple to work through checklist is quick to go through as it only requires yes / no answers, but it will quickly highlight your strengths and weaknesses, regarding your digital marketing.

You will know where to put attention if you want to improve your results, whether it’s fundamentals that are lacking or there only a couple of things to sort.

Who Can Use This Checklist?

This checklist applies whether you’re a small micro business or a medium sized business with multimillion turnover.

This checklist has evolved from many years of working with clients and learning the key question that quickly identify what is needed.

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  • Does your marketing align with your business plan?
  • Do you know how much you want to grow the business over what period?
  • Do you have a marketing budget to do this?
  • Do you have a long-term strategy in place?
  • Do you have at least 5 marketing campaigns running?
  • Does each campaign have a clear objective?
  • Have you identified personas (specific target audiences)?
  • Do you know how you’re going to measure your results?
  • Do you know what problem you can solve that your prospect has?
  • Do you know how their lives will be different after you’ve helped them?
  • Does part of your approach include collecting identities?
  • Do you have a digital sales funnel with measurables for each key point?
  • Do you have the skills to fully utilise your digital marketing potential?
  • Do you have a review process that collects reviews to bring in more customers?
  • Do you know the life time value of a customer? (this identifies how much you can spend to win new business)
  • Do you have any previous campaigns that have worked? (can they be replicated?)
  • Do you integrate activity across platforms, technologies and offline?
  • Do you know what sells best and what makes the most profit?


Do you know:

  • Percentage of the traffic that comes from Desk top / Tablet / Mobile?
  • Which device type generates the best results?
  • How many return visitors?
  • What pages indicate key steps in the sales process? (e.g. retail – store locator page)
  • Do you have an ongoing development process for continual improvements? (From develop your contact page to understanding the mobile user interaction versus desk top)

Do you look at either of the following?

  • UI – User interface
  • UX User experience
    (Technology and what people expect, is changing constantly – hence the need for continual improvements)

Social Media – General:

  • Do you know why you are using social media?
  • Have you identified the key measurements that prove your use of social media is working?
  • Do you know if you’re reaching your target audience specifically?
  • Do people engage through social media?


  • Is the Facebook pixel installed on the website?
  • Are you using the data it collects to improve your marketing?
  • Do you know how many clicks your content gets and how many arrive on the website or landing page and which Facebook content they came from?
  • Do you know why you place ads or posts on Facebook and how you are measuring the results?
  • Do you stay up to date with Facebook changes?


  • Do you have methods in place for collecting emails?
  • Do you have a welcome email that introduces your company when someone first signs up?
  • Do you segment the list based on their relationship with the company?
  • Do you know what type of content your audience likes to receive most?
  • Do you have previous campaigns that have worked?

Content (Including Blogs):

  • Do you have a plan for content to be created that aligns with the campaigns being run?
  • Does your plan include how you’ll drive traffic to the content you’ve created?
  • Do you monitor the impact blogs / content have?
  • Do your blogs / content get read (how long do people spend reading / viewing)?
  • Do you SEO your content?

Paid Ads:

  • Are you running paid ads?
    (This can include, Google, Bing, Ad services, Facebook, other social media, directories or other sites that have volumes of your target market which you can effectively get in front of)
  • If not, do you have an effective method of driving traffic?
  • Have your ads been optimised? (E.g. an optimised Google AdWords account can have a significant impact on ROI – Return on Investment. Also, don’t obsess on click cost, focus on conversion cost. Click cost can go up, but if overall conversion cost comes down, you win)

Landing Pages:

  • Do you use landing pages?
  • Do you evaluate the results and develop accordingly?


  • Do you have an analytics dashboard, that enables a high level and in-depth look?
  • Is Google analytics running and are you evaluating the data?
  • Do you track key analytics across all used platforms, record and evaluate at least monthly?
  • Do you know the turnover per website visitor?

Do you do any of the following on the website:

  • Use heatmaps to assess what’s being clicked?
  • Use scroll map tracking to understand how far down the page and what content is being viewed
  • Track specific funnel journeys created on the website?
  • Evaluate where traffic is coming from?
  • Evaluate social media channels to understand how well your content performs?
  • Track all ads that send traffic to your website for conversions?
  • Know what ads generate most business?
  • Assess website speed against device type and look for issues in load time or content related to device?

What Next:

Take action based on the areas you’ve identified as needing attention.

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Digital Sales Pipeline Checklist

Discover where the leaks are in your digital sales pipeline, use our checklist

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