5 Points of an Effective Video

Video, video, video is all we keep hearing, but for a very good reason – according to the Digital Marketing Institute, Landing Pages with a video generate 800% more conversions than those without video.

Qualify the Above Statement

This assumes you have something valuable to offer! If you have a poor offer or poor landing page, just adding a video isn’t going to fix it. Another influence to results is who you are reaching and what device they are using to view the page.

Mobile Video Considerations

Virtually all your traffic from Facebook will be mobile, but most people won’t have sound playing, so if your video relies on someone listening to consume the video you could find that video hinders your success.

Consider sub-titles or making the video tell all, without the need for words to be spoken.

Do You Have a Video Audience?

Do you know your audience well enough to know if they’ll watch your video with the sound on?

We’ve found that a video will not work if placed in front of an audience at the wrong point in the relationship and yet can work like a dream when placed in front of them at a different point in the relationship journey.

If a Picture Paints 1,000 Words How Many Words does a Video Paint?

1,800,000 Words for a 1-minute video, according to Dr James McQuivey. Sounds crazy until you try to describe what you see in sufficient detail that someone could get a full picture of exactly what’s happening in the video.

5 Points of Effective videos

With video being so important today making engaging video is going to be crucial, if you want your target audience to consume it.

1. It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

A great marketing video is all about the story and not about the sale. The internet has been saturated with ‘pushing the sale’ videos, which comes across as annoying and will repel your customers. The journey is all about where they are and how you can take them to a better place.

2. How Long Should Your Video Be?

It depends on your audience, how well they know you and what the objective of the video is. According to HubSpot the best lengths for engagement are Instagram 30 seconds, Twitter 45 seconds, Facebook 1 minute and YouTube 2 minutes. These are good guides to get you started, but longer term and as you develop the relationship with your audience, you’ll determine your own correct lengths.

3. An Escape From the 9 to 5

Your viewers want to laugh, they want to learn, and they want an escape from their boring 9 to 5’s. The founder of HubSpot says the worst thing you could do is create a completely boring video and that they try not to be conservative. They encourage their video creators to be as creative, take risks when making their videos and remember the story.

4. Search Optimization

YouTube has created the boxes for a reason, they want you to fill them out, so Google and YouTube can rank you better. Google’s search spiders can read your video’s description and make sense of what the video is about, which helps them to recommend it to the right people.

5. Prove That You Know Your Stuff

One of the most powerful uses of video is educating your audience. Did you know that 65% of your audience are visual learners? Educating your audience also provides proof that you do know what you are talking about.

Figure Out How You Can Use Video.

If you’re not already using video, you need to look at how you can start. Short brand awareness videos on Facebook can be a great way to start. We often use these types of video on Facebook ads where we regularly get 0.01p per view.

The fact is today, anyone not using video is leaving money on the table.

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