5 of my Favourite Heart-Warming Public Service Announcements

Public Service Announcement (PSA) Videos have become very popular in recent years due to the powerful messages they can portray.

Some PSAs are designed to shock the viewer and others are designed to warm your heart.

So, prepare your tissues, here are my 5 favourite heart-warming PSAs.


1. The Chain-Reaction of Kindness

What can an act of kindness snowball into? This video shows how your act of kindness can influence everyone around you. You may not see the result, but your action can inspire others.

2. Who Will Stop the Bullying?

What would you do if you witnessed bullying happening? This PSA tested the theory and showed how the general public acted when two girls bullied another at a bus stop. Do you think you would do the same?

3. All That We Share

People are quick to judge others based on their appearance and think they have nothing in common. This PSA hopes to break stereo types and prove people have more in common than they think. What ‘box’ would you fit into?

4. The Smallest Moments Can Have the Biggest Impact

This dad shows that the little things can have big impact on the people around you. Do you notice yourself impacting anyone?

5. What Can You Do?

This inspiring video shows that no matter who you are or what disability you have, you can still aim high and become what you want.

If you have a favourite that is not listed here, feel free to contact us and let us know what it is.

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