30 Social Media Stats that Speak Volumes

Let’s be honest about social media – you either use it for your business or think it’s a waste of time, or don’t do it because you don’t know how.

If you are posting you could be following a simple formula – a fun caption or an informative post, a picture, some hashtags and possibly a link. Simple… however, are you thinking about what your business wants to achieve by posting this piece of content (raise brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads or conversions).

The numbers on social media are so large that you must ‘filter out’ as much as ‘rule in’ the different audiences.

The fact is 60 million businesses have a Facebook page and a staggering 94% of digital consumers between 16 – 64 have an account on at least one platform and 98% have been active in the last month.

In the infographic below, you’ll find 28 more social media stats like the above that give clear insight into why your business should be using these channels which will provide tips and indicators to help you break away from that ‘simple formula’ to be more effective and reach your goals.

By teaming the stats in the infographic with analytics supplied by Facebook and other channels you can change your approach by determining where your audience is, how you can filter and how you can attract their attention with your content.

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