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Work with Us – Step by Step

We have a simple tried and tested approach. Depending on the size of your company the amount of work required for each step will vary.

For instance, a micro local business may only need to go through a range of questions, whereas a medium size manufacturer may require a full-blown strategy with all the research that goes with it.

Single Campaign / Support:

If you only need help with a single campaign it will be a bespoke service designed around your objective/s.

  1. Initial meeting / discussion
  2. Quotation based on requirements
  3. Carry out the required work

How will results be measured?

It’s important that you know how you’re going to measure the results. If you’re unsure we can help, but we will insist that some form of measurements are agreed upon.

Monthly Managed / Support:

The List of Steps for the Monthly Service:

  1. Initial meeting / discussion to determine if Talkativeonline is a good fit for your business
  2. Quotation created based on requirements
  3. Create a Strategy depending on the size of the company it will vary from a few hours work to a week or more. This will range from a discussion over the phone to one or more meetings
  4. Discuss and agree strategy
  5. Set up process – this will include building out campaigns, setting up landing pages, website updates, installing all tracking and analytics software, creating initial content and setting up any social media channels
  6. Start running campaign/s
  7. Monthly review meeting


Any training we deliver will be bespoke to your needs.

  1. Initial meeting / discussion
  2. Quotation based on requirements
  3. Carry out the training

Questions we’ll ask:

  1. What is the objective of the training?
  2. Do you have a plan on how the training will be applied?
  3. Are there any deadlines or targets that must be met that the training impacts?

If you need more information about our training, go here 

Let’s Talk:

You can start with FREE 90min consultation, where you can determine if we are a good fit for your company.

Still not sure:

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Talkativeonline Amanda


Amanda is a peoples’ person with great communication skills which has served her well through her career which has covered roles such a personnel officer to an oilrig company, to running her own retail business where marketing played a part in her success. Her strong drive and enthusiasm for all things communication quickly transferred to the internet and the social media platforms where she found her natural ability to communicate excelled. From there it was an easy transition to social media for business and then into the digital marketing agency that Talkativeonline has become.
Talkativeonline Mark


Mark always has an eye for the future and regularly helps customers uncover opportunity. He’s been involved in the development of several unique products which have gone on to sell millions in the food and DIY sectors. He was also heavily involved in helping to grow one of the UK’s top label printing companies. A good understanding of the fundamental building blocks of business and an ability to see an opportunity, has made it easy for Mark to evolve the business from its humble social media beginnings to the Internet Marketing Agency it is today and will be tomorrow. A short time spent talking to Mark and you are left in no doubt about his enthusiasm for the subject.

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If you have done or are doing Facebook ads, you will know there are policies Facebook have in place to prevent content they deem unacceptable. This includes the ad copy, the creative used and the landing page. However, these policies have a fine line between what is and isn’t acceptable.

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Whether you have a small local business or an international audience when setting up a new Google Ads campaign you will need to select a bid strategy.

Choosing the right bid strategy for your campaign will focus around the goals, whether it’s driving store visits, sales or increasing brand awareness.

Types of Videos You Can Use for Your Local Business

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According to Brain Shark, video is 50 times more likely to rank organically in Google than text.

The purpose of a video is to offer great content that pushes the viewer down the marketing funnel to the next step.

If a picture paints 1000 words, imagine what a video can do.


We are a results driven, full service digital marketing agency with a dynamic group of individuals with a wide cross section of skills (including social media, email marketing, PPC and more) that complement one another to the benefit of our customers.

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