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Our No Fluff Approach

Here you’ll find some simple talk about our approach to working with customers, so let’s start with a typical but honest cliché . . .

To make digital marketing work it requires a team effort.

  • You have a product or service you need to sell
  • We have the knowledge of how digital marketing helps achieve this

This means we work with you to achieve the best results for both you and us.
You need more business, we need you to win more business, so you keep using us.

Your Help Is Paramount to Your Success

To do this we have to get to know you and your business as well as your prospects and customers.

Do We Have All the Answers?

Let’s be honest – It’s not possible, for a couple of very simple reasons:

  1. People change
  2. Technology is evolving - FAST

That means tomorrow will be different from today, in terms of what people want and will accept, as will the technology used to put the message out.

Are There any Working Principles?

Absolutely, you still need to sell someone and despite what some say, people like to buy stuff! When someone’s in your sales funnel and they’ve moved from a prospect to full blown lead, you still need to know how to close them and many of the rules from long before the internet existed, still apply.

Tools and Methods for Your Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Account Based Marketing, Conversational Marketing Facebook Marketing and all the other types of marketing that get pushed, all have one thing in common:

‘They are tools and methods used to try and communicate a message about your product or service in such a way it makes people purchase from you.’

Behind all this Lay an Understanding of People.

Remember, whether online or offline you are still trying to communicate with people and if you start a conversation with someone who you’ve never met certain rules apply if you want to move someone through to a sale.

Our Focus is Your Customer . . .

. . . and continually upgrading your understanding of how to move them through your digital sales process.

Work Out What Works Best

Through analysis, evaluation of prospects and customers, integrated with budget and objectives we can start to identify start points as well as an insight into your digital sales process. If you don’t have a process, we can build one and if you do we can develop it.

Who we work with:

We have developed packages for the following types and sizes of business – both B2B and B2C:

  1. Micro local business (approx. 1 – 3 people) who are looking for local business whether just the town your based or including surrounding areas.
  2. Small business (approx. 4 – 15 people) who are looking for business from the local and surrounding area
  3. Small business (approx. 4 – 15 people) who sell over a large or national geographic zone
  4. Medium Business (approx. 16 – 100 people) who manufacture and sell their product or service over large geographic areas or nationally
  5. Medium size retail (approx. 10 – 100 people) with a large single or multiple store, who have a marketing budget

If your business type is not on the list – call us.

Let’s Talk:

You can start with FREE 90min consultation, where you can determine if we are a good fit for your company. Book a call now.

Still not sure:

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Talkativeonline Amanda


Amanda is a peoples’ person with great communication skills which has served her well through her career which has covered roles such a personnel officer to an oilrig company, to running her own retail business where marketing played a part in her success. Her strong drive and enthusiasm for all things communication quickly transferred to the internet and the social media platforms where she found her natural ability to communicate excelled. From there it was an easy transition to social media for business and then into the digital marketing agency that Talkativeonline has become.
Mark - Square - 300x274


Mark always has an eye for the future and regularly helps customers uncover opportunity. He’s been involved in the development of several unique products which have gone on to sell millions in the food and DIY sectors. He was also heavily involved in helping to grow one of the UK’s top label printing companies. A good understanding of the fundamental building blocks of business and an ability to see an opportunity, has made it easy for Mark to evolve the business from its humble social media beginnings to the Internet Marketing Agency it is today and will be tomorrow. A short time spent talking to Mark and you are left in no doubt about his enthusiasm for the subject.

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